Siska Andriani, Rizki Wahyu Yunian Putra


Mathematics is an important learning.The relationship of mathematics with the various fields of science, one of them is the  Islamic values must be known, especially by students in the learning process.In the learning process, an interesting module is needed based on the applicable curriculum. Mathematics Learning in Junior High School/Islamic Junior Schoolis a compulsory subject for mathematics education students at UIN Raden Intan Lampung.Therefore the Mathematics module in Junior High School/Islamic Junior Schoolintegrated with Islamic values is needed by students in the learning process. This research develops a mathematics module that integrates Islamic values which is equipped with materials, sample questions, and assignments. The purpose to be achieved in this research is to determine the feasibility of the module being developed and students’ responses to the module. The research and development model that is carried out in this research is by the ADDIE stages (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation).The stages of the model are planning, designing, developing, implementing and evaluating. The results showed that the developed module obtained an average score of 3.41 by a material expert, an average score of 3.57 by a media expert, and an average score of 3.49 by a religious expert.Based on the average score obtained, the developed module in criteria is very suitable and valid. After that the module is tested. In small and large scale trials carried out by giving questionnaires. The average result of the small-scale trial was 2.97 and the average of the large-scale trial was 3.28 with very interesting criteria


Development, Module, Mathematics for Junior High School/Islamic Junior School, Integrating Islamic Values

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